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Arkademy is the educational wing of the Arka Project which aims to promote and encourage the use of photography as a creative medium in the critiquing the self, society and the relations that arise between the two. This collective was initiated as a response to the condition of photography education in Indonesia which was felt to still have a number of obstacles. Including access that was too focused on larger cities and intended for limited circles, as well as its shortcomings in facilitating photography individuals, groups and practices in Indonesia that may not have been identified before.


RANA (Reflective and Narrative Development) explores the potential of a photographer's self-reflection through reflexive discussions as well as photo story editing methods based on their photographic works that they have previously made. (2x meeting)

KELANA (Street Class) facilitates the creation of visual narratives by exploring the historical, personal and contemporary values of a place. (4x meeting)

PERSONA (Personal Narrative) facilitates the creation of visual narratives by responding personally to the conditions within society. (6x meeting)

WACANA (Image Analysis and Meaning Workshop) trains reading and analyzing photos through historical reference studies and various contextual and theoretical frameworks. (2x meeting)

PENA (Narrative Writing) develops the ability to write a companion text of a photograph and/or photo story by reviewing and rewriting previously created texts. (2x meeting)


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