Wild Boar Hunting

Yoppy Pieter


NOTICE: Following up on the recent criticism and allegation regarding this project, we are currently investigating and verifying with the photographer. We believe accuracy and honesty are among the most important parts of our practice, thus we take this matter seriously. The original text for the project still can be read below.

The Dogs

Twice a week, Minangkabau men in West Sumatra would gather and walk into the woods to practice Buru Babi, or wild boar hunting. In the past, men would train their dogs to protect their wifes’ family’s farm from wild boar.

West Sumatra is home to the Minangkabau tribe, Indonesia’s matrilineal society who also practices Islam. In their tradition, the men’s patriarchal role is largely influenced by the ruling matriarch, which is assumed by the wife’s family. 

Living in this apparent contradiction between traditional customs and Islamic constitution has led Minangkabau men to establish and thrive in spaces not occupied by women. As an extreme sport that is entirely masculine, Buru Babi is transformed into a medium of identity politics for men to strengthen and assert their masculinity within the domination of the Minangkabau matriarchs.